About the Voices for Vaccines Project

The Voices for Vaccine project worked directly with the public to inspire confidence in the science behind vaccines and counteract vaccine disinformation. Having accurate and straightforward health information is essential to the success of vaccine uptake amongst parents and in keeping ourselves and our communities safe from vaccine-preventable illnesses.

In collaboration with parents and guardians, primary caregivers, early learning educators, childcare and health professionals, the Voices for Vaccines project led to the development of the AboutVaccine website.

The website's aim is to provide, simple and accurate health campaign materials, in plain language, to help parents in making the decision to vaccinate. It focuses on providing accurate vaccine information to distinguish it from false vaccine information.

We spoke with parents to find out their questions and concerns.

The result is the AboutVaccines website and associated communications materials that provides answers to those questions.

Aimed at parents, Early Learning Educators, Childcare and Health Professionals, these co-created health messages, available on the website and associated communications materials, counter common vaccine myths and promote the recognition of evidence-based vaccine information.


Led by the Coordinator and Partners, the project was developed by the Institute for Future Media and Journalism (FuJo) at Dublin City University.

The Voices for Vaccines project was funded by the Science Foundation Ireland (SFI) Discover Programme. The SFI Discover Programme supports public engagement and educational initiatives relating to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

Thank you to all project participants, the project partners and SFI funding. Special thanks to the parents, Early Learning Educators and outreach workers who gave their voices to enable this project and the Aboutvaccines website to happen.

The above video, produced by the European Vaccination Information Portal is available in 24 EU languages. Turn on subtitles to select your language in the settings section at the bottom right of the video screen.



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